Giant 4x4 Accessories rear bumpers are engineered and design to increase protection and functionality to all pick-up trucks range from 1995-2009. They are made by deep drawing technology in steel fabrication which is our expertise for more than 35 years. Our 1,000 tons hydraulic pressing machine is capable of forming a premium grade metal sheet into a perfect bumper. Then, all pressed bumpers are moved in to assembly process to make it installable for each vehicle. MIG welding is only selected process in assembling all rear bumpers. Then, they are hand polished by dedicated workers and chromed with advance five stages triple plated chroming process. In 2008, we are the first pioneer of making stainless steel rear step bumper in deep draw forming technology. These series of rear bumper including model 105ST, 107ST, and 111ST are developed to satisfy the rust proof requirement in many countries and to improve the durability of the bumper. They are also formed by deep drawing technology in stainless steel fabrication then hand polished by dedicated workers to mirror finish and combined with anti-slip PP foot step. Further, all brackets for rear bumper are stamped for more precision on fitting process and powder coated to add corrosion preventive. Explore all products below will surely satisfy your every needs and wants. Enjoy your search and welcome to Giant 4x4 Accessories.
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Model 999
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Model 109
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Model 107PW
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Model 107
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Model 106C
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Model 106B
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Model 106A

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